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Get great insight into the brewing process and meet the Red Sky brewers responsible for the beers that are the result of sheer brilliance and outstanding craftsmanship from Red Sky Brewery. 

Want to enjoy an hour or two experiencing a unique way of crafting beer along with a great combined tasting and cellar tour at our Red Sky head ‘Office’ brew station, or do you need that creative and very cool vibe venue for your next function? Well then take a brewing minute and complete the booking request form below. You will find adventure without boundaries with Red Sky Brew

Cape Town is fast becoming a must-do pilgrimage for Craft Beer enthusiasts, so Lads and Lasses who love good beer, Red Sky Brew is for you! Situated in the heart of Helderberg , the Gordon's Bay Brewery Taproom is the place where you can samples and buy the full range of Red Sky Brewery beers.

You can organise a tour and tasting, or you can grab a pint and relax in our new beer court-yard, both of which give you a view of our working brewery. Tours can be pre-booked to ensure our Red Sky crew is ready to show you a REAL craft beer experience.


The first wine x craft beer hybrid produced in Southern Africa, called the Pinotale.


Innovative craft beer making with an epic touch of retro feelings and the love of classic bikes.


Red Sky Brew has successfully sold and produced a variety of craft beers, events and collaborations since 2013.


The famous Red Sky Brew taproom offers tastings, fully licensed bar, events, venue options and soon Big Red.

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9 Industria Rd, Mansfield,
Gordons Bay, 7140

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Mobile: +27 63 942 4431

red sky brewery



We strive to create a craft beer for every palate and being a Micro-Brewery we have the flexibility to play around with our yeast, malt and hops. The unique flavour profiles found in craft beer are not added but rather brewed out using high quality ingredients and methods. Red Sky brewery is situated in the Helderberg basin and is a real South African micro-brewery, handcrafting quality brews perfect for every occasion. Visit our brewery, watch our master crafters at work, support the local community and enjoy a fantastic tasting experience.

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